Five actors play a vibrant cast of characters and breathe life into this delightful tale from the Brothers Grimm. A feisty tailor kills seven flies in one blow! Impressed with his accomplishment, he sets off to make his fortune. Faced with a series of challenges, he uses courage and intelligence to defeat nasty giants, conquer a rampaging rhinoceros, and save the kingdom from a ferocious dragon! Enchantment Theatre’s approach to epic storytelling blends physical theatre with masked actors, magic, puppets, music, and dance, resulting in a captivating theatrical experience that sparks children’s imaginations. It’s a perfect introduction to the performing arts that also provides your students a creative way to interact with literature.

Enchantment Everywhere Synopsis

By juxtaposing the dance works of acclaimed international choreographers from places such as Turkey, Cuba, and Taiwan, this inspiring program asks audience members to consider how cultural tradition affects identity and self-expression. Students experience how artistic innovation can transcend an individual’s background to achieve universal expression.

Dynamic breakdancing and lots of audience interaction introduce students to a simple concept: You have the power to make decisions about your own health. Students follow one boy’s journey through a day, helping him choose what and how he can eat, drink, and play. Emphasizing that students can make their own health-based choices, this program shows the benefits (and pitfalls) of the decisions young people make. It’s a perfect program to help children begin to eat healthy, drink healthy, and move more!

In this new musical about opioid abuse and its impact on teens and families, we follow the story of star athlete Hope, who sports a 4.2 grade point average and limitless potential. But when a boy she likes offers her one little pill to reduce the pain from a soccer injury, Hope makes a decision that
rapidly transforms her dreams into an escalating nightmare. With her future at stake, will Hope be able to confront her opioid abuse and stop feeding the monster that seeks to destroy everything she cares about? This original musical was created from interviews with prevention experts, families with children struggling with this disease, recovering individuals, doctors, law enforcement officers, students, and educators. The story defines opioid abuse as a disease and explores how individuals have the power to make positive behavioral decisions to avoid opioid use and substance abuse disorder. Program length 65 minutes.

Available September 2018 to April 2019.

Limited availability! March 4 to May 31, 2019 only!

Explore our solar system, the particulars of space travel, the discoveries of Galileo, and more! Join our top-notch crew on a hilarious and informative trip through the universe. Their mission? To seek out new worlds and civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before, and to teach kids a whole lot about outer space before school is over.

Hip Hop songwriter and poet Bomani explores the fun process of writing by employing techniques used when composing hip hop poems and song lyrics. Whether it’s rhyming, revising, or editing, the process of writing is universal! Students will be inspired to create their next song, poem, or essay using the skills Bomani imparts to them.

Experience the power of the silver screen! Students travel from the silent film era to today’s movie blockbusters in this interactive program. Using sound effects, live performance, and collaborative storytelling, Cello Fury helps students discover how and why movie music tells a story and creates an emotional response.

Many Native Americans refer to North America as Turtle Island. Storyteller Rob Aptaker shares traditional Native tales, including Earth on Turtle’s Back (Iroquois), The Coming of Stories (Lenape), and more. Voices, gestures, animal sounds, and audience participation help bring the characters to life, along with authentic Native American songs accompanied by drum and rattle. Historic and cultural background information is woven into each tale to give context as students learn about the various tribal nations and their compelling stories.

Using the format of Box of Light’s humorous theatrical science shows, this program looks at water as a molecule. Students explore the way water transforms, moves, carries good things and bad, and basically sustains all life on earth. The performance is dripping with audience participation and student helpers become Knights and Ladies of the Aquifer (basically, they get hit on the head with a wet sponge).

Please note: Earth Days and Burble, Fizz, KaBoom! share content and demonstrations. They should not be presented in subsequent years.

Students discover the importance of math by learning personal finance. Featuring virtuosic circus skills, magic, and comedy, FUNance keeps students laughing as they learn about needs and wants, where money comes from (and goes), budgeting, saving money, and more. Brad Zupp’s years of experience as a financial planner and a world-renowned performer make this a must-have assembly that entertains as it educates.